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SpliceWorks offers an online platform where you, as a technology business, whether start-up, SME or entrepreneur, can get access to clients who might need your technology or digital innovation. Our goal is to get you to market and open the door not only to a vast network of Telkom Group and BCX customers, but also the broader private and public sector. You are the SpliceWorks Tech Entrepreneur.

If you’re a potential client for a Tech Entrepreneur, whether a corporate enterprise, small or medium-sized business, or public-sector player, we can introduce you to a potential supplier or solution for the many digital and tech challenges that will become crucial for your business survival in the future. We appreciate you’re looking for vetted, commercially-ready and viable vendors who can offer digital technology solutions for process, system or platform challenges, and that’s precisely what we aim to deliver. You are the SpliceWorks Tech Seeker.

Our marketplace is a little different to innovation hubs and incubators because we bring all the players and elements, from idea generation to business development and funding opportunities, conveniently together in one place through one digital network. We can match you as a Tech Entrepreneur or Tech Seeker at any stage of readiness – so whether the relationship starts with the seed of an idea, or is already a digital technology process or platform that has been developed, our single-minded goal is to minimise the risk for both parties and grow the entire South African technology industry’s demand and supply chain. Our marketplace is all about fintech, social tech, health tech, edutech, manufacturing and resource solutions, and everything in between.

Our heritage and our vision for the future

SpliceWorks is borne out of the Telkom Group and BCX conviction that technology is disrupting our business landscape, and that big businesses needs to collaborate more with tech entrepreneurs to meet those challenges.

We offer a fully functioning marketplace that’s part of a broader digital ecosystem that doesn’t stop at funding or mentoring. Our ecosystem actively promotes innovation, develops businesses, facilitates collaboration and, ultimately, helps put profitable partnerships in place.

Analysts predict that digital collaboration can unlock $12 billion in GDP for South Africa* - we believe SpliceWorks will enable your role in that growth, with a long term vision of turning Africa’s tech industry into a global force.

SpliceWorks is powered by BCX and proudly associated with the following Telkom Group Companies

Why digital technology?

In an increasingly digital world, the way we work, live and do business has changed. Companies have run out of time to plan, you need to actively prepare, adapt and evolve. Business models are being challenged, customer experience management is the new name of the game, and customers are becoming increasingly demanding about quality and access to information and services anytime, anywhere. Technology solutions will play a crucial role in helping you meet future business requirements.

* Accenture Digital Collaboration Index: A $12 billion opportunity for South Africa Read more

Tech Entrepreneurs

Open the door to a vast network of Telkom and BCX customers

Whether your idea has already been developed or is still in development, SpliceWorks is the platform that opens the door to a vast network of Telkom and BCX customers: the corporates, enterprises and other businesses that are looking for your technology. We call them Tech Seekers.

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Tech Seekers

Your choice of certified digital technology innovations

Developed by Telkom Group and BCX, SpliceWorks is a platform that helps you address your business challenges and objectives by giving you access to certified digital technology innovations and solutions.

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